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Benefits of Choosing a Private CBT Therapist

cbt-therapistNothing against the NHS, after all our public health service is what allows people in the United Kingdom to get proper healthcare unlike as elsewhere where the size of your wallet decides whether you’re able to afford healthcare are not.

But there is at least one area in UK where opting for a private alternative can be much better. One of these is when you need a therapist.

There are some big differences between having a therapist assigned to you by the NHS and a private therapist. Firstly and most obviously, if choose a private one you can normally select from a number of therapists and choose the one you’re most comfortable with. Not only can that be a personal or more or less subjective thing. Getting a private therapist allows you also to check the qualifications beforehand so you can find a therapist with best qualified for your specific problem.

Secondly, if you are working or have an otherwise a busy schedule, a private therapist will usually accommodate to your schedule and not vice versa. Thirdly, if you have the choice for a therapist that means that you can also go with what is close to you. Otherwise, it may well happen that you get a therapist that is quite a distance from your home which isn’t exactly convenient in particular if you rely on public transportation.

So, how can you find a good private therapist? Well it’s really easy as you can find one simply by using your phone or computer. You can see private CBT where I found mine for cognitive behavioural therapy, but there are more sources on the web to help you find a therapist if you just look around a bit!