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Spain “The Most Dangerous “Travel Location?

According to a new piece at The Express, several travel destinations in Europe are considered “very dangerous” for holidaymakers from Great Britain. Leading the list of so-called “dangerous” travel occasions as Spain, followed by Turkey and Greece.

dangerous travel locationsThe article is citing a travel solicitor from Manchester who for instance is revealing “how Spain is a dangerous country for Brits in terms of injury and sickness.”

He continues on to say that “we claim millions and millions from holiday operators every year. People get between £3,000 and £50,000 – if they get life-long conditions as a result.”

According to him, there exist great dangerous from balcony falls, roadside and station robberies and “swimming pool bugs”.

The expert goes so far as to say “there is danger at every turn, be it in the pool or in your food.”

If you ask me, the above cited article in The Express about those dangers may be pretty far-fetched,  if not entirely misleading.

One might wonder whether the number of accidents in holiday destinations such as Spain is simply due to the fact that Spain is simply the number one travel destinations for Britons. It is therefore only logical to assume that the number of accidents or illnesses is the biggest, as compared to, say Cyprus or France which see less holidaymakers from Great Britain.

What is your opinion? Do you think that Spain is a “dangerous” location to travel to?