Better Health and Safety at Work with Better Ergonomics

Sometimes it’s those places and activities where we least expect it that can have the biggest impact on our health and well-being. Top on the list for potentially hazards for our health can be the place of work.

ergonomicsEven harmless appearing office environments can be the cause for  various health problems.

This is the case should we spend many hours per day at workplaces that are non-ergonomic or where there can be types of hazards that we are not even aware of.

Those often hidden hazards can be anything from outdated office furniture to insufficient lighting at the workplace.

To discover all potential hazards at workstations and workplaces, business owners should consider what’s called a workstation assessment. A workstation assessment is thorough examination of a workplace that is performed by professionals in workplace ergonomics.

Aside from obvious factors to play a role in regards improving ergonomics at work such as furniture, a workstation assessment looks at many more factors in order to uncover potential problems. Those “environmental factors” can include things such as lightning at the workplace and many other often not obvious hazards.

A workstation assessment is the best and most effective way for companies to make sure that their employee’s workplaces are confirming to modern ergonomic standards. For thorough ergonomics at work it is rarely sufficient to replace office desks and office chairs alone. Only with a workstation assessment, all relevant factors that can play a role for better ergonomics can be discovered and solutions can be found.