Better Health and Safety at Work with Better Ergonomics

Sometimes it’s those places and activities where we least expect it that can have the biggest impact on our health and well-being. Top on the list for potentially hazards for our health can be the place of work.

ergonomicsEven harmless appearing office environments can be the cause for  various health problems.

This is the case should we spend many hours per day at workplaces that are non-ergonomic or where there can be types of hazards that we are not even aware of.

Those often hidden hazards can be anything from outdated office furniture to insufficient lighting at the workplace.

To discover all potential hazards at workstations and workplaces, business owners should consider what’s called a workstation assessment. A workstation assessment is thorough examination of a workplace that is performed by professionals in workplace ergonomics.

Aside from obvious factors to play a role in regards improving ergonomics at work such as furniture, a workstation assessment looks at many more factors in order to uncover potential problems. Those “environmental factors” can include things such as lightning at the workplace and many other often not obvious hazards.

A workstation assessment is the best and most effective way for companies to make sure that their employee’s workplaces are confirming to modern ergonomic standards. For thorough ergonomics at work it is rarely sufficient to replace office desks and office chairs alone. Only with a workstation assessment, all relevant factors that can play a role for better ergonomics can be discovered and solutions can be found.

Spain “The Most Dangerous “Travel Location?

According to a new piece at The Express, several travel destinations in Europe are considered “very dangerous” for holidaymakers from Great Britain. Leading the list of so-called “dangerous” travel occasions as Spain, followed by Turkey and Greece.

dangerous travel locationsThe article is citing a travel solicitor from Manchester who for instance is revealing “how Spain is a dangerous country for Brits in terms of injury and sickness.”

He continues on to say that “we claim millions and millions from holiday operators every year. People get between £3,000 and £50,000 – if they get life-long conditions as a result.”

According to him, there exist great dangerous from balcony falls, roadside and station robberies and “swimming pool bugs”.

The expert goes so far as to say “there is danger at every turn, be it in the pool or in your food.”

If you ask me, the above cited article in The Express about those dangers may be pretty far-fetched,  if not entirely misleading.

One might wonder whether the number of accidents in holiday destinations such as Spain is simply due to the fact that Spain is simply the number one travel destinations for Britons. It is therefore only logical to assume that the number of accidents or illnesses is the biggest, as compared to, say Cyprus or France which see less holidaymakers from Great Britain.

What is your opinion? Do you think that Spain is a “dangerous” location to travel to?

Where To Get Free Horse Racing Tips

The Horse Show in Devon

If you like horse racing it’s very likely that you had been looking for some good tips and strategies like most of us.

But as so often (and horse racing definitely is no exception there!) things don’t come for free.

Most of those who offer horse racing strategies for the races here in the UK want good money for their advice.

This alone wouldn’t be a problem if you were to know that you can always get working horse racing tips that are worth your money.

But this is exactly the problem: You don’t know. Most of those horse racing tips providers want you to pay something first; not exactly what I’d consider great, especially if you’re new to the horse racing scene.

The good thing is that there are a handful of reliable and more serious betting tips providers where you can try out their strategies for free. This is a great way to get an idea whether the tipster really know what they’re talking about. In an area where there are many self-proclaimed “professionals”, this can definitely help to separate the black sheep from those horse racing tips providers you can trust.

With free horse racing tips it’s easy to compare some of the tipsters side-by side without an obligation or worse, being forced to sign to some monthly subscription. If you see that the free horse racing tips work for your particular tracks and races, you can then rather confidently sign up for a service, knowing that you will likely get your money’s worth without needing to worry.

With so many race tracks in the UK right now it can be worth it to spend some time to get racing tips from someone you can rely on!

Big Delays at Spanish Airports Due to Strikes

The first strikes by Spanish air travel controllers in 26 years led to big delays at Spanish airports. British holidaymakers who are stuck at airports from Barcelona to Madrid are reporting delays of up to 14 hours by the walkouts.

Strike is heavily affecting many Britons that are in Spain on holidays right now. At Barcelona airport alone, more than hundred holidaymakers from the UK had been cooped up.

Passengers with Ryanair are complaining about chaos, stress and a lack of information. To compensate travellers, Ryanair only handed out five euros for food and drinks.

Chaos and anger is that only affecting those stranded in Spain right now. Passengers who want to travel to Spain from Stansted airport are also reporting huge delays. Some people at Stansted had to wait the entire day and still where not able to get on a flight to Spain by late afternoon.

Are You Planning a Party or a Wedding Reception? Check out the Singing Waiters

singing-waitersAccording to statistics, May is the time when most people want to get married. And with more folks wanting to tie the knot in the warm spring season it’s not surprising that there will be wedding reception parties pretty much every single weekend in all boroughs of the capital.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about wedding receptions I think about drunk relatives and “some band” often performing their very own interpretations of whatever songs, more often than not poorly.

Of course, for the overall fun for a wedding reception this doesn’t really matter as long as everyone has drink, foods to grab in whatever else people enjoy when they attends those events.

But then there are those folks who don’t just want to celebrate some average wedding reception anyone else does but instead want to make sure that it will be a memorable event for anyone.

As you can imagine, the musical entertainment interception could well play an important role there.

How about booking some world-class entertainers for your reception instead?  Or what about surprise entertainment like the singing waiters London to surprise all your guests?

In my opinion, The Singing Waiters are the best option for a wedding reception because they can do all those things perfectly. What makes them different compared to just having “some band”  playing is that their show is so much more fun than an ordinary band. The last time I saw them they pulled whole bunch of people up on stage. We had a hell of a blast watching sometimes semi-drunk and sometimes entirely drunk people sing with the singing waiters.

And of course they can also take care of all the other stuff for your wedding reception as long as it concerns the musical entertainment. I can highly recommend them if you want something different for your wedding reception this spring!


It’s Spring in London: Some Cool Things to Do

London has an advantage. It is big. It is so big that there is always something to see and to do, whether you live in London for your entire life already or whether you just moved here.

Now, with Spring in full force in the capital you might want to be interested in a list of cool things that you can do in London this May.

Found a great listing at The Timeout Magazine where they have more than hundred magnificent things to do in London for you.

For the entire month you can find pretty much any event and festival listed all information you could ever need, such as to get prices, how to get there and so forth.

Learn about all the cool events going on now such as the Street Feast Festival, the Beer Hive Festival and many many more, 120 cool events and places that you can see to be exact.